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Breeding 101 with Yakima Chief Ranches

“YCR” and “HBC” are a part of many experimental or popular proprietary hop variety brand names, but not every brewer knows what this means. Different from public varieties, proprietary varieties are owned and managed by a private company, putting in extra effort to ensure consistency, quality and varietal purity across all farms that grow them. Join us for a LIVE session with Yakima Chief Ranches to learn all about how hops are bred, how they become a part of our experimental hop program and where that fits in to the hop selection and commercialization process. In addition, YCR will discuss their Footprints program, assuring that YCR and HBC brand hops maintain a reputation for their aroma and flavor characteristics as well as their quality. To learn more about YCR, visit yakimachiefranches.com.

Download Presentation: Breeding 101 Virtual Harvest

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Sep 07 2020


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10:00 am
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