Established in 2004, Hop & Brew School® began as an annual event hosted by Hopunion, now known as Yakima Chief Hops. Inviting hundreds of brewers and hop enthusiasts from all over the world to Yakima, Washington, HBS attendees have had the opportunity to experience a deeper connection with family farms while learning more about the important role that hops play in the brewing process. Since its inception, the event has always included a comprehensive harvest experience, from farm and facility tours to educational brewing seminars. 

As the brewing industry has grown and evolved, Hop & Brew School® has expanded to become YCH’s own extensive educational program. This program not only includes the well-known in-person harvest event, but also virtual webinars, discussion panels, festival seminars and educational presentations that are hosted by Yakima Chief Hops throughout the year. As a 100% grower owned global hop supplier, we aim to do so much more than sell hops. We strive to be a resource to the hop and brewing communities, providing industry leading research, tools and solutions to grow the best hops and brew the best beers.

By expanding Hop & Brew School, we are excited to provide more brewers across the globe with access to valuable resources as well as create a platform for industry experts to share their knowledge. We invite you to check out our calendar to discover our upcoming events!

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