Talus™ (Formerly HBC 692) and the History of Experimental Hops (Asia-specific)

Experimental hops endure an extensive breeding and commercialization process before they officially become a part of the portfolio of hops available for brewers across the world. The YCR and YCH Experimental Hop Program is a key component to ensuring that only the most valuable hop varieties enter the market. By allowing brewers to enter into our experimental hop program and utilize these trial hops in their own beers, we learn more about the capabilities of these new hops in various applications and techniques. We also learn more about what brewers are looking for and if certain varieties have a place in the brewhouse. Tune in, as we discuss the history of experimental varieties, the release of the new name for experimental hop HBC 692, and more.

*This session will be catered to the participants within the Asia timezone.

Download Presentation: Virtual Harvest- Talus and Experimental History

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Sep 09 2020


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8:00 pm
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