Quality Assurance at Yakima Chief

Join YCH’s Quality team for a look inside our laboratory operations and certification programs. From the farm to the final product, our Quality Team ensures only the best hops make it to brewers. The laboratory at our Sunnyside campus analyzes hops as they are delivered and our final products prior to approval for shipment. Our quality team starts it’s work on the farms prior to harvest with facility assessments, and continues during harvest with spray record and harvest data collection providing full traceability back to every field. We ensure every lot of bales passes our quality requirements prior to acceptance into our inventory. Our certification programs include WSDA Organic, Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001), HACCP and GMP.

Download Presentation: YCH_VirtualHarvest_QA Session

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Sep 14 2020


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1:00 pm
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