Facility Tour: Cryo Hops® & Pelleting

How do we pack so much goodness into a small pellet? Join us for this session to see the process of how we convert a 200lb bale of dried hops into the quality T-90 pellets you know and love. As a brewhouse staple, T-90 pellets are currently still the most traditional and widely used hop product format in the industry. Follow along the process of producing T-90 pellets as we tour our industry leading facility and meet some of the experienced staff at YCH that make it happen. We will also get a glimpse into the YCH Cryo Hops® facility where the magic of transforming pellets into powerful concentrated lupulin happens. While this is a proprietary process, we will show you a brief behind the scenes look at one of the most innovative hop production facilities to date.

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Sep 16 2020


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9:00 am

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