2021 HBS: Hop Contracting in Today’s Industry

The craft beer community and it’s tie to the hop industry is a dynamic, ever changing balance between supply and demand. A crucial link in this connection between brewers and growers is hop contracts. Come join this session as we discuss our observations as the landscape of the industry continuously changes, as well as our recommendations on contracting, tips on how to contract for all brewery sizes and brewer experience level and how to best navigate the Spot Market.

Presentation Slides: Hop Contracting

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Aug 31 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am
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  • Bryan Pierce
    Bryan Pierce
    Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

    Bryan Pierce is the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, he has been with Yakima Chief Hops for three years and originally came from a background in the food industry. I has his Bachelor of Science in both Biology and Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Working closely with all the sales staff in North America for Yakima Chief Hops, he organizes and plans Yakima Chief’s Hop Selection program during harvest. Bryan is a passionate homebrewer as well in his free time. Making mead and beer for six year. He truly enjoys making any beer with excessive amounts of hops in it, Saison and of course, any kind of Mead!

  • Spencer Tielkemeier
    Spencer Tielkemeier
    Director of Sales- North America

    Spencer Tielkemeier is the Director of Sales- North America for Yakima Chief Hops. He spent 9 years in as a production brewer in Austin, TX, specializing in hop-forward and continental lager styles. Since joining YCH Hops, Spencer has been a key part of their Brewing Innovations team, developing new products, honing best-practices for product usage, and providing tailored customer support in challenging product application scenarios. Spencer believes the best beer pairing is made where hops meet disc golf. He lives in Yakima, WA with his wife, daughter, and dog. You can reach him at: [email protected]

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