2021 HBS: Return to Grower: Investing in Family Farms

Return to Grower (RTG) is a key component of our business model and is rooted in our Mission, Vision, and Values. It is one of the most important ways that we connect brewers and growers, ensuring that more of your dollars are put directly back into the farms to reinvest in quality, sustainability and growth. Come learn about this unique model in the industry, and hear from Yakima Chief Hops’ CEO, Ryan Hopkins, as well as several growers themselves, on why this is important and how it benefits both growers and brewers.

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Sep 02 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


  • Brad Carpenter

    Carpenter Ranches & Warrior Ranches

  • Graham Gamache
    Owner & President

    Cornerstone Ranches

  • Kevin Riel
    Owner & President

    Double R Ranches

  • Rick Sauve
    Owner & President

    Sauve & Sons Hop Farm

  • Ryan Hopkins
    Ryan Hopkins

    Ryan Hopkins has been a member of the Yakima Chief Team for seven short years. Transitioning from a Sales Support Coordinator to Vice President of North American Sales and later to Chief Sales Officer, he has become well-known and respected by both the hop growing and brewing communities. In March of 2020, Ryan was asked to serve as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He holds undergraduate degrees in both ecological studies and biology from Seattle University, with a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Central Washington University. As a 4th generation Yakima Valley native, Hopkins is rooted within the hop growing community, having grown up alongside many of the hop growers and farm workers in the area. He has a deep understanding and appreciation for the multi-generational family farms from which YCH products are sourced. With a profound expertise in building collaborative, team-based successes, Hopkins has a proven track record of bringing organizations together to enhance the goals and outcomes of all involved.

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