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Sept 2020





General Information

When and how will customers find out more information?

YCH will distribute an email by August 3rd with the dates, schedule of events and instructions on how to join. To ensure that you receive these communications, click the ENROLL button (above) and add your email address to our mailing list.  We will notify you when we have more information.

What is the cost of the overall event?

There is no cost to join the overall harvest experience. However, there will be featured seminars that will require a registration fee, as participants will be provided materials via mail such as hop samples for sensory sessions.

Who can participate?

The event is open to the entire public. Participants do not need to be in the beer and brewing industry. However, some seminars and presentations will be catered specifically to brewers.

Is there a limit to how many people can participate?

There will not be a limit to the number of participants for most of the overall harvest events. However, there will be a limit for a few specified and paid sessions that require mailed materials. Any participant can join and observe but only a limited number of people will be able to register to receive materials and engage in the learning experience.

Is there a deadline to register?

Most sessions will not require registration. People are free to join at any time. However, sessions that required mailed materials will require registration by a specified date.

What platform will this virtual event be hosted on? Do I need to download anything ahead of time?

There will be multiple ways to access the Virtual Harvest content. Some sessions will be accessed via YouTube but most will be Zoom Webinars. These links will be available through virtualharvest.com. You will need to download the Zoom app to access these links via the website.

You may also choose to utilize an event app called Whova, which can accommodate our international participants. This is free to download via mobile device or desktop and will require you to input a code to access the YCH Virtual Harvest Event. To get the code, you must register HERE. The Event App includes the full schedule, links to all sessions, presentation material, speaker information, live Chat, notifications, and more. It will also send notifications regarding the event. For more information on the Whova app, click HERE.

*Virtual Harvest updates will be sent via email. To register for these updates, click here, or add your email to the ENROLL page above.
**To sign up for any of the interactive sensory sessions or additional event notifications, you must register via the Whova app.

What all is included in this event?

  • Field and facility tours
  • Exclusive interviews with growers, brewing experts and YCH employees
  • Behind-the-scenes harvest updates
  • New hop variety announcements
    Due to the logistics of needing to ship samples and receive information in a timely manner, we are only conducting virtual selections for North American customers. We encourage our international brewing partners to reach out to your regional sales team to discus other options for contract and lot selection.

Will these presentations and seminars be available after the event?

Yes, all sessions will be archived and available to anyone at www.virtualharvest.com.

International Customers


We will be offering some sessions in various languages. Please stay tuned for more information and a full schedule of events in the coming weeks!


Many sessions will be conducted with international participants in mind. We are aiming to host sessions at various hours of the day to accommodate those in other time zones. However, all sessions will be archived and available on our website for those unable to attend the LIVE webinars.


At this time, we do not anticipate that international participants will need to utilize a different platform. However, we will make sure this information is highlighted in any further communications, if anything changes.  For international participant whose access to YouTube is limited, please utilize the Whova event app as an alternative to YouTube.

Hop & Brew School


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have chosen to host Hop & Brew School as a virtual event. We have a responsibility to keep our global community, brewing partners, employees and families safe and healthy. We also hope to ease the financial burden of travel costs during this challenging time.

This has provided us with the rare and exciting opportunity to invite the world to experience the hop harvest season via a public, digital event. With that said, we have decided to combine Selection and Hop & Brew School to create a comprehensive virtual harvest experience, bringing hop country to brewers and beer lovers everywhere.


Yes, we will be offering sessions that are catered to our brewing partners and provide solutions-based resources and information regarding hop products, brewing techniques and other relevant industry topics. These will be hosted by experts that specialize in these areas. These sessions will be offered throughout the entire harvest event, labeled as Hop & Brew School features.


Yes, there will be opportunities to engage in live sessions.


The majority of brewing-related presentations will be relevant to brewers of all levels with our homebrew, nano and craft brewers in mind.


Please note: If you are eligible to participate in this year’s virtual selection process, you will be notified by a member of our Sales Team no later than August 1st 2020.  For those who qualify, the below FAQs apply to you.  For any additional questions, please contact your regional sales team directly.

Will I be able to come select my hops in person?

In order to protect the safety and health of our communities, brewing partners, employees and families, we are encouraging select North American customers to engage in our virtual selection process. Due to physical distancing restrictions, we are unable to host our brewing customers at this time.

How will I be able to select virtually?

YCH has implemented a user-friendly digital app that allows brewers to provide selection feedback and pick varieties and lots.

Will this affect the number of lots and varieties that I will be able to select from?

We will still hold to our goal of making sure you have a high quality and diverse grouping of lots to choose from that represent different farms. For those who have selected with us in the past, we will always reflect on your prior year notes and choices to present something that not only accomplishes our goal of gathering data and feedback for farms, but something that aligns with your expectations of the variety. We are mindful of choosing hops that are true to type and aligned with the beer you produce.

Will this affect the quality of the hops that I use for my selection?

We have years of experience in mailing samples and have been doing this for some brewers every year. We will be overnighting selection kits along with storage instructions to brewers that are eligible for Selection. Samples are always nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed to ensure we preserve the quality.

How soon will product be ready after hops are selected?

We anticipate that we will follow our normal production schedule this year and maintain the expectation that your lots will be available by the end of January. Often times, we are able to deliver lots sooner. If you have a specific date that you need this by, please connect with your RSM or CSS to learn about your options.

Will growers receive feedback and participate in any part of selection?

Growers will hopefully participate more than ever this season! When selection is held in the valley, growers are unable to attend due to the busiest time of their year… harvest. With virtual allowing for quick visits and no need to leave the farm, we anticipate more involvement from our growers. This connection is part of our mission and something that we strongly encourage each year.

With the reduction of acreage, will that affect the number of lots available to select?

We have very clear parameters around how much volume we bring in and how that affects selection and availability of lots. All of this is predetermined before the year starts, so we anticipate that there will be no effect on availability due to reductions in acreage.

Will my selected lots allocate in real time?

All feedback through our Hop Selection App is instant and will be captured when you submit it. This feedback is then confirmed in under 24 hours with our team internally. There are notifications in the Selection App itself that let you know where it is in the process.

Will my RSM be able to visit my brewery to do selection with me/us?

Yes, as long as they are able to safely. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, following the restrictions that are specific to each region. We will approach each situation with our Responsible Travel guidelines in mind, ensuring the safety and wellness of our customers, employees and communities.

Yakima Chief Hops