OCT 6, 2023


YCH Belgium Facility


We are thrilled to bring our renowned Hop and Brew School® back to Belgium!  

Yakima Chief Hops carries a mission to connect our network of family hop growers to the world’s finest brewers. Extending our Hop and Brew School® to Europe creates greater accessibility for brewers located outside of North America. 

Established in 2004, Hop & Brew School® began as an annual event hosted by Hopunion, now known as Yakima Chief Hops. Traditionally hosted in the Pacific Northwest’s Yakima Valley, we are excited to expand this experience globally. Attendees will have the opportunity to establish a deeper connection with our growers while learning more about the important role that hops play in the brewing process. Hop & Brew School® includes discussion panels by leading industry experts, educational presentations, webinars, sensory training, and networking opportunities.  

As a 100% grower owned global hop supplier, we aim to do so much more than sell hops. We strive to be a resource to the hop and brewing communities, providing industry leading research, tools, and solutions to grow the best hops and brew the best beers possible. 

 If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].


08:30 – Welcome Reception
09:30 – Event Start Time
18:00 – Event Finish Time
19:00 – Social event in Brussels
Virtual Harvest

Safety Reminder

As excited as we are to have you be part of this event, we also want to take the time to advice you about the safety concerns and guidelines. During the facility tour, closed toed shoes are REQUIRED. No sandals, no heels, no “Croc”- type shoes will be allowed. In the event of an emergency, please follow the direction(s) of your tour guide. Remember that touching machinery, tools and equipment is strictly forbidden, unless your tour guide explicitly allows you to do so. We are thrilled to have you explore what makes Yakima Chief Hops a successful industry and take your safety and others as a top priority.


Where to Stay Coming Soon